All the best JPGs on the web, mailed directly to you!

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Hundreds of cool new JPGs pop up on the web every day. Who has time to sift through them all? I do! I will mail the coolest JPGs directly to your door. No questions asked.

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A Wide Range of Affordable Monthly Services

The Cheapskate: $5

Just a lousy email. Where's the fun in that?

Cool JPGs Please: $12

A handful of the coolest JPGs will be mailed to you in a neat hand addressed envelope.

Premium JPGs: $35

All the best JPGs printed on high quality glossy paper and a sweet frame for display purposes.

The High Roller: $199*

Sometimes images aren't good enough. I will personally come to your house and convey the coolness of these JPGs through a mix of poetry and interpretive dance.

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Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

*plus travel expenses